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Vegas Week – Dean Martin


March 21, 2011 by Mr. White

This week, we will be studying famous musicians that shaped the Las Vegas music scene into what is today. According to Paulette Nelson & AHS, of the UNLV Library, “The Rat Pack came to prominence in January 1959: that year Sinatra conducted the orchestra on Dean’s album Sleep Warm; the film Some Came Running with Sinatra, MacLaine and Martin opened; and on January 28, Sinatra joined Dean onstage at the Sands for the first time. It would become a routine. And they would become legend in Las Vegas.”

We will be spending the majority of this week on the Rat Pack, as they had a lot of influence on the current Las Vegas music scene. The Rat Pack consisted of several performers and movie stars, most notably: Peter LawfordFrank SinatraSammy Davis, Jr. and Dean Martin.

Today we will be listening to the smash hit by Dean Martin, titled, Ain’t that a Kick in the Head. It was released in 1960, and has been featured in countless movies and video games. Lyrics to Ain’t that a Kick in the Head


  1. Oscar B says:

    When it starts off, It has that Vegas song sound. Mostly, in shows that people go to Las Vegas, they show songs that sound similar to this. It has a catchy tune that you could listen to over and over. This sounds like the kind of music that you could hear at the strip.

  2. Alexis M. says:

    The song sounds like something that would be played in an old movie or a show tunes channel. The horns make the song sound very standard old time. The song was really short. It was okay and I would rate it a six.

  3. Terrianisha R. says:

    When this sing first came on it sounded like an old blues song. I can picture an old club with people swing dancing and someone playing a piano in the back of my head. You can hear all the different instruments in the song. I like how it wasn’t to long or to short and the ending was good. It didn’t take to long to go off. I would rate this song as a five out of ten.

  4. Arnold M says:

    The song starts with a really good jazzy style in the song. The singer has a really good voice and it goes along with the beats. This band has a really good way to put together a song and the instruments to play. The instruments a mostly Acrostic instruments an they really know how to play the instruments. The lyrics sounds really good and this kind of music made people come to Las Vegas. I really think that this song should get a 9 because of the way that the singer and the instruments player played the song.

  5. Darnell M says:

    I think this song is like back in the late 60’s I like the beat sounds like something they dance to. sounds like there in a ball room I like the drums and the base I don’t really get the lyrics the song does not sound short. Over all I like I rate this song 6.

  6. Oscar V. says:

    Well Ive heard this song before and I really like it. Its also really catchy. I like the trumpets and the percussion in the back. I also think he has a pretty cool voice. If I were to rate it I would give it a 9 to a 10.

  7. JayshawnB says:

    I think that this song sound good I really don’t like the way they sing like that is just don’t sound good I don’t like the instruments and I don’t like really nothing of this song the only think that I like about this song is the way he wrote the lyrics I like the words but every think else was bad and I rate this song as a 4.

  8. Elizabeth J. says:

    Right away the song had the Vegas feel to it. I like the Jazz feeling of the song. The instruments in the song were good. I liked he’s singing a lot. I liked the song it was a good song. This is the type of music you hear everyday when your down at the strip or at a performance in a theater. I would rate this song a 6.

  9. Alexandria L says:

    I have heard music before, but it wasn’t anywhere on the strip. I actually listen to some of Dean Martin’s music. I give this song a 7. The lyrics are a little strange, but the whole song is just relaxing to listen to sometimes.

  10. Cristian C. says:

    I like how the piano sounds I think is good, I think Dean Martin has a pretty cool voice I think I’ve heard this song before in Las Vegas Strip. I like how the saxophone sounds I think it’s great, I like the lyrics I think their great I will rate this song a 10 out of 10.

  11. jazmin says:

    All the instruments go really good together. I like how the instruments are loud then when he starts singing the instruments get lower. The song sounds like something from an old movie. For some reason I like the way he sings this song.

  12. Joana M. says:

    At first I thought that this song was funny. I like how they sound very different from other Jazz bands. I hear this type of music when I go to the strip and at freemon street. The lyrics are funny but they are so interesting. The rhythm is good I like it a lot. It sounds a lot like the Vegas music that will be played in the old days. I will rate this song 7.

  13. David P. says:

    I’ve heard this song many times in many movies like “What Happens in Vegas” and “Ocean’s Thirteen”. The trumpet and horns were used very vividly and the singer’s voice was precise with his tone. In my opinion this is a 7 out of 10, but only because it’s trumpets was little annoying, but that’s the point. It’s really hard to rate something like this, for the fact it’s extremely old and not many people construct music like this anymore. Back then it would’ve been an absolute 10 out of 10, but in this point in time it’s just average.

  14. Lana H. says:

    I like how the song came on with the whole orchestra, when it got loud then it got quiet. His voice is cool. The piano is one sound that I heard throughout the song which was cool. The song makes you think of the show girls coming out and dancing. I rate this song a 9.

  15. Zuly G.M. says:

    I have this song on my Ipod. I think it’s a really good song. I really like the lyrics, their cute. I wish their were still music like this in modern time. I’ve noticed that this song has been featured in many films. I rate this song a 9.

  16. Alberto G says:

    This song was made in the 50s. I didn’t know Dean made this song. This song is really old. I can’t believe these are the songs people used to listen to back then. They may have been formed during the 60s but it sounds like the 50s to me. I really do not like this song. This song is really short. Dean is really good at singing. I would rate this song 5 out of 10.

  17. Jose.V says:

    I heard this song before because my dad plays it all the time. I like the instruments played in this song. I like this Jazz vibe because it sounds classy and elegant. my dad listens to this music a lot. I would rate this song a 7 out of 10 because I grow up listening to Jazz.

  18. Elizabeth R. says:

    This totally sounds like Vegas. The big band in the background is something that I tie to “Old Vegas”. I think it’s cool to see how much we’ve developed since then, our music has seen so many changes. This song gets a 8 out of 10.

  19. Armando M. says:

    The beat in the beginning of the song is really familiar and it does sound like Vegas. All of the beats of the song sounds like Vegas and that is really weird to hear. The lyrics of the song are cool and they don’t repeat that much so I like that. His voice is cool and high that you can understand so that is cool. I would rate the song a 8 out of 10 because of the familiar beat in the beginning.

  20. Saul P says:

    I know this song It is in most of the old movies. I think that this is more like some thing that you would hear in New York. I think that he is a good singer. I like the instruments that play. I like the song I think that he would need to be alive right now to see how of a big hit his song really is right now. I like the song because it is from Vegas and I am from Vegas. I like the Rat Pack. 8 out of 10.

  21. Frederick M. says:

    I’ve heard this song about a million times while playing Fallout. After hearing it so many times you grow to like it. The trumpets get annoying after a while. The song its self actually reminds me of an older Las Vegas. I rate the song 6 because I’ve heard it over and over again.

  22. Omar Miranda says:

    This song is one of the most populars songs in the world. A lots of movies play this song when it has to do something with Las Vegas or real real old movies that were made in the 90’s and older would play this song. This song is in couple of commercials. This song would go under jazz, a lot of Vegas music is jazzy. I like jazz some reason because the instrument sounds like enjoy. I rate this a 8, it’s a good song.

  23. Olaf L. says:

    Before the song started, I already kind of already expected how it would sound like. A bass, piano, and trumpets as their main instrument. Since I go to the strip a lot, Vegas music is played a lot obviously. As for this specific song. I have heard it a lot of times. I rate this song an 8.

  24. Eduado U says:

    I like how this song start but I think that I heard this song before in a old t.v show. Also I think that I heard this song in a game but I like this songs because it tells you how the old days where and how there was almost no violence. I like the the piano. I rate this song a 6 because I really don’t like old song but I heard it before. Also the beat of the song was not that bad the lyrics where also not bad I kind of like this song.

  25. JonathanM says:

    The song starts with a good bass sound in the beginning. The background sounds has a good bass sound with the vocal. The sound just changes with a different beat sound to Dean Martin. Dean Martin changes his sound voices to the song. The drums have a good beat sound to his own music. Dean Martin makes a lot of different kind of good sound. I like how the song fade away with the background sound and how the background changes the different kind of sound to his own music. Dean Martin knows how to change the vocals with his own music and his own album.

  26. Faviola Franco says:

    This totally does sound like old Vegas. This is something that you would hear at little shops at Casinos. I think that this type of music just paints a picture of what old Vegas was. Like big Cadillacs and in like 60’s clothes. This type of music showed have its own genre. I rate this an seven.

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